During Coronavirus Lockdown I Found 5 Comfort Things to Stay at Home
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During Coronavirus Lockdown I Found 5 Comfort Things to Stay at Home

Nobody likes to stay at home for a very much long time due to coronavirus lockdown. But now, quarantine time is not as strict as before. So, many people starting their activities with a safety procedure.


The coronavirus lockdown makes me realize that life won’t return to normal soon. Instead we should adjust ourselves to the new normal.


But maybe not really a new normal. We’re asked by the universe to slowdown and do what we must do with mindfulness.


During this pandemic, I have been trying to keep myself positive by counting the blessing I have and keep looking for the positive sides of it. Thus, I found five things that comfort me during coronavirus lockdown.


My five comfort things during coronavirus lockdown:





During Coronavirus Lockdown I Found 5 Comfort Things to Stay at Home
Dalgona Coffee Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

I think the first amazing invention during the coronavirus lockdown is Dalgona coffee. This coffee is originated from India, spread to China, then modified and became popular in South Korea.

This special beverage named Dalgona because the taste is quite similar to a traditional candy from South Korea, Ppopgi.


I drink dalgona coffee almost every day. Since I don’t want to mix 200 times to make the coffee and sugar soften, then I always make it in a big portion in the same time.

Here is my recipe that maybe you can try at home.


  • 2-3 tbsp instant coffee
  • 2-3 tbsp sugar
  • water 5-6 tbsp

How to make it:

  1. Mix instant coffee and sugar evenly.
  2. Pour water one tbsp in several steps and mix it evenly.
  3. When it’s already foaming well, put it in the fridge.


So, why I put it in the fridge? I think the taste and the shape is better. It is firm like ice cream when we put it on the top of ice and milk.


When the coffee foam is firm, then you can take the coffee foam 1-2 tsp to make Dalgona coffee. Don’t forget to stir it before you drink it.😉


How I make my Dalgona is 5 ice cubes + 150-200ml of milk + 2 tsp coffee foam. 



Mostly, I watch Japanese drama, but right now I watch K-drama as well. My best friend recommend me Reply 1988 and I’m still trying to complete it.


The story is simple but sweet and bring back lots of memories of 80-90’s life where there was no internet, smartphone, nor social media. It’s a real life before hi-tech.


Another K-drama that I have watched recently was The World of the Married. At first, I didn’t interested since it’s about marriage and affair. But after I watch it, I would say that this K-drama is amazing coz amazing plot twist at the first episode ad more.


Although it is a remake from BBC One drama Doctor Foster, some characters and scenes in the k-drama version are different. As for me, I like the k-drama version than the BBC One version. It’s because the story is like 20% fantasy and 80% close to reality.


Thus, I think that is why the k-drama is able to touch the emotion of the viewers. Unfortunately, some viewers cannot distinguish reality and fantasy and inflict one of the antagonists casts SNS flooded by hate comments.




During lockdown, I also have more time on YouTube. Mostly, I’m updating myself with new language lessons and the latest music trend. I browsed more independent music from Indonesia and kpop music.


I didn’t listen kpop music much before. Few years ago, someone at work introduce me to BTS. So, since there many videos to watch during the coronavirus lockdown, I started to watch kpop music video like AKMU, BTS, IU, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Agust D, and TWICE (that’s quite a lot I think).


Now I think I like kpop, but I don’t think I will be a stan. Many of them are good though. So, I support good music.



Other music update, that I just found out are Weird Genius from Indonesia. Their music is awesome! I didn’t notice that they have made their songs like 3 years ago (where have I been?😫). You should watch their MV, better with earphone. Their music are magic!



During Coronavirus Lockdown I Found 5 Comfort Things to Stay at Home
One of my beautiful cats, Gingerella.


During coronavirus lockdown, I have more time to spend with my cats. Although I’m an introvert, I still miss my close friends and hang out together again.


But I think I should still grateful because I still have my cats that always be there for me when I needed most. Another benefits of having a pet is less stress. Although they make me stressed sometimes as masters at home hahah😅 But still their cuteness is overload and it comforts me! 💗🐱




Covet Fashion is an online game that I love so far. It’s fun and relaxing to styling my avatar for the challenges.


I can change the makeup, hair style, skin color, and tons of fashion items that includes clothes, accessories, jewels, footwear, and more.


The fashion items in the games are real from various famous brands. You should try to play it and have fun with Covet Fashion!


So, those are my comfort things during coronavirus lockdown. What’s your comfort things during lockdown?


Last but not least, hopefully this coronavirus pandemic will be over soon and we all can be together with our love ones again💕 Let’s listen to this lovely songs by Honne.



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