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New Year, New Me … Hello 2019!

New Year, New Me. After years, I finally decided to have my own blog.  I’ve always loved writing ‘coz I know that I’m not a good speaker.


For years I have learned that I can say and tell properly what I feel through texts. So, cheers for my new blog guys! Hip hip horaaaayyy…


Although some people say never look back, now I’m looking back on 2018 to say thank you for the lessons, moments and inspirations.


It’s time to look forward and say Hello 2019! This is me with full of hope and optimism, ready for good vibes and reach my goals!


My New Year’s Resolution


Some people have the same resolution every year, some may new ones. For me? Some are new, some always there on my list.


One of them is to traveling more. I love traveling but since past years I didn’t do it for personal reasons.


Sometime in 2018, I feel I need to travel again. I went to Bengkulu where I was invited to one of my best friend’s wedding. I will tell you more about it later.


It was very very very interesting, and I always amazed by Indonesian cultures. Even though I live in Indonesia, there are still lots of things that always make me amazed.


New Year, New Destination

To end 2018, my friends and I decided to see Mount Bromo and traveling around Malang. It was my second trip in 2018. The trip took 15 hours.


Maybe if I took a flight for 15thours, it would take me from Jakarta to Europe. I will tell you more about my trip to Malang on my next post.

Here is one of the pictures from my last trip.

New Year, New Me ... Hello 2019!
Bromo mount – Image by Lucky


New Year, New Me Song


I hear a new song by Cimorelli. It’s called New Year, New Me”. It’s is very catchy and gives me some boost in this new year!

This year will be the year that everything changes
And I’ve never said that before
This year will be the year that I’m gonna make it
As soon as I walk out the door
Because January 1st is no ordinary day
You pass through a portal where nothing’s the same
So get ready to change, get ready to thrive
We’re gonna live our best lives😎💃

Yup, I’m so related to Cimorelli’s song.

So, that’s my new me in 2019. I hope that we all gonna reach our goals and surrounded by more love and luck this year.


Let’s seize the day and smell the roses! 😘

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